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Vibration absorption compared to carbon2


Stiffness at the bottom bracket1


Greenhouse gases generated by the manufacture of our frames3


Exclusive launch model. Only 50 numbered units available.

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Gravel bike

Sila gravel bikes are designed for road, path and trail. Therefore for distance, comfort and handling.

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Road bike

Whether for a short ride, a workout or a day trip, our road bikes take you where you want to be with great comfort and agility.

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Performance by nature

Sila designs and manufactures wooden bikes that are exceptional in their design, durability and technical qualities. Bikes that are synonymous with performance and exclusivity.

At the heart of this unique experience is a solid, reliable and robust material that gives our frames a 21% higher absorption capacity than carbon.

To pilot a Sila is to desire and acquire the beauty and the beast. Comfort and precision. A force of nature.

Close up of the seat of the SILA wooden bike
Close up of the handle of the SILA wooden road bike

Sila bikes
Better performance than carbon

54% higher

Stiffness at the bottom bracket2

21% higher

Vibration absorption compared to carbon2

15x less

Greenhouse gases generated by the manufacture of our frames3


Everything. From the frame to the smallest component, to the configuration and assembly, everything about a Sila bike contributes to a comfortable riding experience.


Sila bikes take full advantage of the incredible biomechanical properties of wood. Our belief in the quality of our products allows us to offer one of the best guarantees in the industry.


Choosing Sila means choosing a force of nature with respect for nature. It means opting for a renewable material and a sustainable approach, in harmony with your values and your playground.

1. Study conducted by Faction Bike Studio in Chicoutimi. 2. Drouet. J-M, 2018.Study of vibration transmission by road bike frames.Velus laboratory, Qc, CAN. 3. Technical report under the direction of the Engineering Laboratory for Sustainable Development, ÉTS, Montreal, 2021.

Close up of the frame and pedals of the SILA gravel wooden bike


Gravel bikes

Sila offers two gravel bike groupsets. Both promise an exceptional experience that is precise and confident, whatever your preference.

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Road bikes

Our mechanics have selected 4 groups of components to ensure a level of performance and experience that exceeds your expectations. A few more clicks and the road is yours.

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SILA wooden gravel bike with a cycling enthusiast